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As we all know deer have the ability to jump over tall obstacles with graceful ease. But white-tail deer prefer not to jump; they would much rather go under or through a fence. And when pressured they often go through high tensile fences so height is not necessarily a good enough solution; the fence also needs to be very tight so we recommend an eight feet tall woven wire deer fence as the optimal choice for fencing out unwanted white tail deer.

Woven Wire Deer Fencing

Deer, being the more graceful of animals, have the tendency to jump fences. Whether you’re trying to keep them contained or away from your livestock or garden, you do not want to install the wrong deer fence. The best solution to this problem is height. However Whitetail deer will scurry underneath the fence. Making the bottom and top of the fence the most important part to reinforce.
With all this in mind and above all else, we recommend high tensile woven wire. The difference between non-tensile and high tensile woven wire is two thousand percent more strength and increased elasticity. The extra strength will preserve your fence longer and spare any unnecessary future repairs.

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