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Larger animals such as horses could possibly damage a fence and escape. Although unlikely, it could happen. This is why having a psychological barrier as well as a physical barrier. Fencing can be expensive, so you want to protect your investment. Once an animal gets a shock from the electric fence, it will associate the fence as a barrier to which they should not cross.
Some animals may lean up against fences and over time the fence could start showing signs of strain. Animals can get hurt by leaning on barbed fences which can lead to expensive veterinary bills and production losses. An electric fence deters animals from doing this so your fence will last much longer and your livestock will be healthier.
We take care of all your fencing needs from choosing the right fence for your situation to the electric fence installation itself. We have been in the fence installation industry for 16 years. There is no doubt that we can help with all your electric fencing needs.

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