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There is something special about wrought iron gates & fences in Woodland Park, Colorado. They have a way of adding charm and grace to any property. Perhaps, it is the superb craftsmanship of the iron itself or the rustic appeal the final product gives birth to.  At our Woodland Park Colorado Springs Fence Repair, we offer the best services in the region.  People come from miles around to take advantage of our outstanding products and affordable prices.  We offer wrought iron gates, steel gates, ornamental iron gates and more for our customers.  Our expert technicians bring many years of experience to their trade.  We have second generation iron workers on our staff and crew that take pride in the work they provide.  This makes it easy for us to exceed our customers’ expectations every day.

Swing Gate Post Repair & Damaged Hinge Replacement

Problems such as damaged wheels, rusty steel panels and malfunctioning loop safety sensors are effectively resolved by our skilled technicians who are experts in automatic gate repair. Our services are based on extensive professional knowledge that covers even the most innovative and advanced electric operators. With us, all components are in safe hands. Receive fast troubleshooting via our same day emergency service whenever the issue cannot wait. We are fully equipped to perform any job from broken chain replacement to bent track straightening on the spot. When there is a big project involving new gate, opener and intercom installation, we will do the work with precision and dexterity to deliver the best result quickly. Our gate maintenance service ensures top performance in the long term.

Wrought Iron Gate & Fences Installation

Wrought Iron Gates and Fences

At Colorado Springs Fence Repair in Woodland Park, CO, we offer a variety of wrought iron gates & fences for our customers.  Several types of gates we offer would be:

  •         Steel gate
  •         Wrought iron gates
  •         Ornamental iron gates
  •         Gliding gates
  •         Sliding gates
  •         Swing gates
  •         Custom-made gates

Our expert technicians can install any of these gates for you.  In most cases, they can install them the very same day you call.  However, our company offers more than just gate installation.  We offer wrought iron fence installation as well.  We provide these fences for:

  •         Pool fence
  •         Commercial fence
  •         Residential fence
  •         Custom-made fence
  •         Wrought iron fence
  •         Ornamental fence

Our wrought iron gates company offers some of the most beautiful fencing you have ever laid eyes upon.  Just give us a call and we will begin installing your wrought iron fence today.

Wrought Iron Gates Repair

Our company does more than just install wonderful gates & fences; we also provide repair service as well.  We know our expert technicians can provide exceptional installation services and they offer the same excellence in wrought iron gate repair services as well.  With normal wear and tear there are many areas that might need repaired on a gate.  Here are some of the common gate repairs we address:

  •         Gate track repair
  •         Gate wheels repair
  •         Safety gate sensor repair
  •         Exit loop repair
  •         Gate opener repair
  •         Hinges repair
  •         Post repair
  •         Spring repair and replacements

Our technicians are certified to address all of these repairs and more for our customers in Los Angeles.  We also offer rotten gate repair for those gates that have endured more wear and tear than a gate should have to.  Our techs can breathe life into any existing gate.  Our iron workers have the skills necessary to rebuild your gate.

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